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Consider These Roof Types When Upgrading Your Home

Whether you’re building an entirely new home or upgrading an existing one, you will always need to give the roof plenty of thought.

Aside from being your primary line of defense against the harsh elements, the roof is literally your home’s crowning glory. It needs to look great and go well with your home’s overall design.

There are many roof types available, all of which can be professionally installed by licensed contractors with proper residential roofing insurance coverage.

Let’s take a look at your roofing options and see which one will work best for your home.

Gable Roof

If there’s one type of roof that just about everyone can recognize, it would have to be the Gable roof, also referred to as a peaked or pitched roof.

A Gable roof is triangular, just like the ones many kids put on top whenever they draw a house. Its shape clearly indicates that rain and snow will slide off it easily.

Flat Roof

A Gable roof sheds water and snow quickly, but you could never say the same thing about a flat roof, which tends to collect rainwater because of its design.

Still, many homeowners go for a flat roof because of the many things they can do to it.

Pyramid Roof

A pyramid is, of course, a roof that is shaped like a pyramid, with four sides that slope downward and a pointy top.

Aside from houses, pyramid roofs are often installed on top of sheds, pool houses, gazebos, garages, and other small structures within a property.

There are many other roof types to choose from, but the ones listed above can get you started.

While making your choice, always take the climate and your home’s architectural style into consideration before settling on any given roof type. That way, you’ll have a roof that will look great and function perfectly for your home.

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